Songwriter: One of Life’s Great Callings

I always believed I'd be one of those people who at some point would meet a girl who would complete me and I her and we'd set off to take on all the many challenges of life together, as one. Most people marry someone they fall in love with and that's all fine, dandy, and lucky to have a 30%-40% chance of working out but every once in a long while you meet a couple that were so richly made for each, it's hard to see them as 2 individuals. I'm finding it difficult to let go of the belief that I would be one of those blessed romantics. I'm slowly starting to embrace that maybe my hopeless romanticism is solely built for writing songs. What a beautiful gift. I need to stop preoccupying my mind with thoughts of "where the hell is she?" and focus on being receptive to the inspiration that comes to a lucky few. I'm a songwriter. THAT is my true love forever. 🙂

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